De Sangosse Group partners with ISCA Inc. to introduce innovative semiochemical solutions, reshaping the global insect management landscape

ISCA and De Sangosse teams verify results of product attracts and kills in the Brazilian cerrado

Insects have long plagued our crops, health and ecosystems. Traditional chemical crop protection is not the only answer - semiochemicals enter the picture!

De Sangosse, with operations in over 60 countries, has consistently advocated for sustainable crop management. With ISCA′s innovative methods, which use the scents of nature to manage insect behavior, a greener future in crop protection looks more promising than ever!

Together, we are offering:
• Ecological solutions without waste
• Improved crop yields
• Sustainable management practices against insect resistance
• Safer environments for farm workers
• A robust response to society′s call for less reliance on conventional chemicals

Nicolas Fillon, CEO of De Sangosse Group, said: "With ISCA, our vision of a greener and healthier planet becomes even more tangible."

Agenor Mafra-Neto, PhD. CEO of ISCA Inc., adds: "Our combined strengths expand the potential for sustainable insect management around the world."

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