Attract-and kill solutions refer to the combination of an insect attractant with an insecticide used to eliminate pests. A semiochemical in the solution lures target insects to the placement site, insects feed on the mixture, they ingest a lethal amount of insecticide, and die. The pest is controlled and as a result, the crop is protected. Crop production increases in quality and natural enemies of the pest and free pollinators are not negatively affected by the application of the solution.

Conventional forms of insect control usually call for a toxic spray of insecticide on an entire plant. Insects come into contact with the insecticide while walking on the plant, this tactic is most effective if the toxic product is on all parts of the plant.

In comparison to conventional pesticide methods, the attract-and-kill products are applied in individual strips. The strips are applied with distance in between them, so that large areas are left without any insecticide. Insects leave their protected niches and look for product to feed on and die when they consume the product.



Ceratitis capitata

Fruit fly

Anastrepha fraterculus

South American fly

Bactrocera carambolae

Carambola fruit fly

Helicoverpa sp