ISCA offers a wide range of products and solutions for the different needs of the agribusiness production chain, always focusing on results, fair prices and nature preservation.

Our products have conquered giants in soy, corn, and cotton. But they are also consumed in apple farms, vineyards, and the food industry. All share the belief that it is possible, with innovative technology, to combat insects in agriculture without harming the environment.

ISCA has other customers just as important as the big groups. Its appreciation for small producers and family farming is enormous. Both are fundamental to guarantee food security for a world that needs to grow in balance with Nature.


The largest producer of soybeans in Brazil, the group has a cultivated area of 583,000 hectares in Mato Grosso, where it also produces corn and cotton. It uses ISCAs products to control insects and increase biodiversity in its plantations. The partnership was intensified in 2020 with the creation of the Center of Excellence for Semiochemicals.

Headquartered in Mumbai (India), it is one of the largest agricultural solutions companies in the world, with annual revenues of $5 billion, presence in 76 countries, 10,800 employees. It offers herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides for crop protection, fertilizers, and seed treatment products. Invests heavily in the global NPP brand.

Sanjo Cooperativa Agrícola de São Joaquim brings together 34 apple producers, mostly immigrants and Japanese descendants, who produce more than 50,000 tons annually on 1,240 hectares located in Santa Catarina. ISCA?s products help the company to keep under control the insect population that threatens the crop.

Produces soy, cotton, corn, beef cattle on 225,000 hectares in Mato Grosso and Maranhão. It invests in regenerative practices of its plantations; it maintains 140 thousand hectares of native vegetation. It has a biodefense industry and an effluent treatment station. Uses ISCA products in the integrated management of target insects.

Large producer and exporter of agricultural commodities in the country. It also operates in road and river transport with barges in the Amazon river and has five Small Hydroelectric Plants (PCHs) in Mato Grosso. ISCA?s products help Amaggi to control insects and increase biodiversity in soybean, corn and cotton crops.

The Dutch multinational Koppert develops innovative and sustainable solutions for agricultural producers. Among these solutions is the use of fungi, viruses and microinsects to combat pests in crops. Through the partnership with ISCA, the company takes our semiochemical-based products to several countries.

Born in 1945 in the city of Horizontina, it is today one of the largest producers of soybeans, corn, and cotton in Brazil, with 448 thousand hectares in six states and 4 thousand employees. It was one of the first agricultural companies in the world to have shares traded on the Stock Exchange. It uses ISCA products to increase cotton productivity.

Born in the 1970s, Rasip is today one of the largest apple producers and exporters in the country. The production in its 1,160 hectares located in Rio Grande do Sul exceeds 50 thousand tons per year. For 20 years, the company has used ISCA?s products for insect monitoring and control as a MIP tool.