We have four lines of ISCA products designed to protect fruit or increase its production. Mating-disruption technology use semiochemicals with SPLAT GRAFO, which targets Grapholita molesta, known as the oriental moth.

ANAMED WB is an attract-and-kill product that targets fruit flies, primarily Anastrepha fraterculus and Ceratitis capitata.

Ceratitis capitata

Fruit fly

Anastrepha fraterculus

South American fly

Bactrocera carambolae

Carambola fruit fly

We monitor the orchard as a form of protection using the ISCALURE TML PLUG with the JACKSON TRAP.

Ceratitis capitata

Fruit fly

For pollination, there are excellent results with the use of APIS BLOOM, a semiochemical designed to attract and concentrate Apis mellifera bees in the area of application and, as a result, can increase orchard production.

Apis mellifera

Honey bee