ISCA Global believes that good business management is based on six pillars of corporate governance. See what they are:

ISCA′s pillars of good governance

• Corporate responsibility
• Ethics
• Transparency
• Fairness
• Accountability
• Balance of strategic decisions

At the same time, the balance between the company′s day-to-day management and the decision making aimed at fulfilling a strategic plan concern a structure defined by good practices, as follows:
Management and decision-making structure

• Board of Directors
• Shareholders′ Assembly
• Executive Board
• Independent Financial Audit

To achieve our objectives, some management tools are very important. See what they are:

Main management tools:

• IBP - Integrated Business Plan
• ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
• CRM - Customer Relationship Management
• BI - Business Intelligence
• System and Quality Control
• Strategic Plan, Tactical Plans, Business Plan

All these points are guided by a previous definition, made from the determination of the company′s core values.

Nature as an inspiration for sustainable agriculture.

Use the power of biocommunication to develop sustainable solutions for insect management.


• Nature as an inspiring source for the creation of our products
• Connection with the consumer for effective value delivery
• Commitment to the planet and environmental responsibility
• Collective construction with our teams in all processes
• Developing unprecedented solutions to change the history of conventional agricultural products

Our Principles are:

• Social, environmental and corporate responsibility.
• Transformative action for the world we want.
• Integrity of principles in our actions.
• Collaborative action.
• Continuous improvement.
• Sense of urgency and definition of priorities.
• Innovation inspired by nature.

Social, environmental, and corporate responsibilit

Companies play a fundamental role in the fate of our civilization on the planet. They hold most of the available resources on the planet, and their decisions on how to use them are key to the well-being of people and the preservation of nature.

Transformative action for the world we want

Companies need to act in a conscious way, looking at the system that surrounds them in a holistic and integrated manner, taking a long-term view, making responsible decisions so that in the future the next generations can enjoy the desired legacy.

Integrity of principles in the performance

No matter where we operate and with whom we relate, our principles are the measure of success in our actions.

Collaborative performance

A company works better and gives better results when everyone feels part of it, when its purpose makes sense in everyone′s lives. Also when the resulting work is an expression of individual and collective life. A collaborative performance always brings the best results.

Continuous improvement

A company cannot be complacent, it must always be in evolution, seeking to improve what it already has, reflecting the world around it.

Sense of urgency and definition of priorities

It has never been so important to have a sense of urgency and defined priorities. The accelerated growth and development put at risk the permanence of civilization on the planet, and every year that we don′t change our attitude, the risk of collapse increases. The role of the companies is fundamental in the course correction due to their capacity to change the current situation, with fast and effective decision making.

ISCA LATAM is committed, through the establishment of its Quality Policy, to maintaining an attitude that anticipates problems, needs or changes, that is conscious, mastering the knowing and the doing. Ensuring continuous improvement as a possible and necessary principle, met by the establishment of objectives, action planning and a constant evaluation of results, goals and processes.